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Preventive healthcare, like we have often spoken about, is by far one of the most crucial branch of services that individuals and institutions can avail. Essentially standing for looking after one’s health in order to prevent any sort of grievous ailment from settling in, preventive healthcare services can not only transform an individual’s life and ensure he/she remains fit even through stressful times, it also indirectly impacts a person’s happiness and contentment in terms of the quality of life that is enjoyed. Keeping this in mind, organizations across the world are increasingly focusing on preventive health care and stress management services to keep up the wellness of its employees.

We bring to you a list of four such companies and the unorthodox techniques adapted by them to help their employees live a comparatively stress-free life:

  • Tech giant, Google, offers exceptional perks and benefits to its employees, is a known fact. The company has a simple, targeted approach towards maintaining employee happiness, by providing relaxing meditative services to its employees. It also conducts meditation-based stress reduction workshops, and provides in-person meditation sittings within office campuses to allow employees blow off the steam of high pressure deadlines. Now isn’t that an ideal place to work at?
  • Likewise, mobile app development agency Appster has a lighter, more cheerful take on employee contentment. The company provides free in-office meals and conveyance facilities to employees that at least reduce the stress of commuting and basic needs. Its US office has an in-house husky dog, named Howl, which helps employees calm their nerves. The quirky take on preventive healthcare is to provide interesting stress management services, which in turn make for happier employees who have the assurance of a supportive company that cares about its employees. In fact, a lot of organizations are adapting this unique technique of having a dog or a litter of puppies at the workplace as playing with them really helps bust stress and anxiety. A similar therapy is used at T2 airport terminal at Mumbai has three canines to help anxious travelers ease their anxiety.
  • Adding to the list, General Electric, the iconic multinational conglomerate, offers employees an extensive array of preventive healthcare services, including a 24x7 hotline for health-related assistance, an expert opinion program and even unlimited vacation periods to a large chunk of its workforce. The company also has an interesting, incentive-based preventive health care scheme where non-smokers are charged lesser for their regular medical insurance benefits and smokers miss out on such benefits.
  • EMC² , the cloud computing giant that recently partnered with Dell, offers 10 weeks of fully paid maternity leaves and four weeks of fully paid paternity leaves. Alongside, it also provides subsidized childcare, a personal online healthcare manager who gives preventive advises to the employees, and in what is a brilliant effort, provides employee insurance packages that expansively cover autism care.

The world is constantly moving towards dedicated preventive health care service – some in more unorthodox ways, and some in more traditional ways. OurHealthMate is working with many such employers who are steadily recognizing the need for providing good care of its employees and offering benefits that are much appreciated by their respective teams. Preventive healthcare is a great medium to transform workplaces, and is changing lives of individuals and organizations at a rapid pace and it is also heartwarming to see these organizations taking an initiative in the healthier direction.

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