“One of the best aspects of health care reform is it starts to emphasize prevention.”

Preventive healthcare services are all about laying out necessary guidelines that help individuals take action against any possible diseases. While such services are always necessary, it is also essential to look at the nature of preventive healthcare services on offer. For instance, laying down guidelines without any foreseeable action plan is not particularly beneficial for professionals. Adding to that is our reducing attention span, which means that unless such healthcare plans are particularly insightful and provide means for individuals to take action, most would fail to take the necessary steps to incorporate preventive healthcare services in their lives. Anne E. Wojcicki, the American entrepreneur and the co-founder and chief executive officer of the personal genomics company 23andMe once quoted “One of the best aspects of health care reform is it starts to emphasize prevention”.

Think of this as a computer antivirus that does not notify you prior to your usage about potential threats. While most such software provides an alert right at the beginning, the key is to analyze usage and provide reminders. That way, users get key insights on what they should use, and what they should stay away from. Such reminders should also provide steps that will allow users to take necessary action, which will get their job done while keeping them safe.

The deal is somewhat similar for preventive healthcare services too. The key is to analyze a person’s lifestyle and provide an easy interface for the individual and the service provider to interact. This will allow easy communication and provide individuals with key insights on preventive healthcare steps that can be taken based on context. For instance, if a person is traveling to South-East Asia, insightful preventive healthcare services can analyze his/her health stats, check for any personal allergies, and provide key steps that he/she can follow to keep themselves safe.

Hence, while preventive healthcare services need to be personalized to ensure that it fits an individual’s diversified lifestyle, it is equally important to ensure that such healthcare services are simplified, provide key insights based on changing lifestyle and living habits, and provide actions that a person can take to protect themselves from any possible ailment.

These, in turn, keep a person actively involved in his/her healthcare plans, which is very important for maintaining fitness in the long run. At a time with increasingly busy schedules, it is important to take a few moments out to ensure your own health and fitness, and it is this that insightful and actionable preventive healthcare services present to individuals.


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