Time management is the under-appreciated genius behind an easy flowing, healthy life

We often fail to give credit where it is due. With all the focus on policies and a fine print of services provided, we often fail to realize the importance and simplicity of time management in preventive healthcare.

Managing time efficiently not only ensures that you maintain a good schedule (which is a healthy habit in general), but also keep up with regular working practices that reduce work-induced stress, improve effectiveness at work and keeps health aberrations like stomach and viral ailments at bay with consistency in actions.

With effective time management, one can simplify workload by dividing the amount of work into time slots and coding them according to urgency. In heavy weeks, efficient time management can work wonders in ensuring that you do not miss deadlines, do not have possible confusions between different projects, and manage to devote individual efforts at work, to peers and to family.

Another key practice here is to not bring work home. Seeing how you already put in escalating work hours, bringing work back home can lead to frustration, a dip in efficiency and proclivity from usual standards, and may actually end up attracting negative feedback despite the added efforts that you have put in. This, in turn, leads to ancillary adverse effects like a decline in morale and outlook, and leave you with a feeling of being overlooked despite added efforts. Some of the health problems that can rise from such a situation include irregular headaches, blood pressure fluctuations and mental depression.

One of the easiest ways of time management is to use a calendar and slot in work details in advance. This gives a person added knowledge of what is coming up over the next few days, and prepare for them accordingly. This prevents sudden irregularities, and even if there are late night shifts involved, preventive healthcare practices like taking regular short breaks and naps make sure that you are prepared well for such meetings, and remain fresh while at it.

Time management is the under-appreciated genius behind an easy flowing, healthy life. Time is one of our most crucial resources, and it is important to use time wisely and efficiently. After all, it is not inexhaustible.

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(The Views expressed here are my own and shouldn’t be construed as the views of any of my employers/partners, present or past.)


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