It’s no surprise that you are feeling exhausted on a rare Sunday lull, despite having not done much. The last week burnt you out a bit too heavily, and you are left feeling completely disinterested in going back to work on the following day. The root cause of this is the difficult week that preceded.

With rising work stress, workplace performance intensity often reaches peak levels that bring out the very best (and sometimes, worst) in people. Putting in added efforts and working hours do have benefits of establishing your name in office, but they burn you out to an extent where it often becomes difficult to remain motivated at work.

With preventive healthcare practices at hand, it often becomes easier to overcome the said barrier. Such practices include establishing a regularized daily life, a timely diet, everyday exercises and yoga, and scheduled intervals and stress relieving sessions from work to ensure that work stress is balanced out evenly.

With a regularized everyday routine, you practically ensure that you follow a certain standard of living. Not only does this help maintain a healthy and positive social attire, but it also helps directing the body towards particular sleep times and a well-accepted food habit. Eating on time is also equally important to ensure you do not fade out in the everyday stress, as our bodies require a certain amount or food to remain fit.

Doing exercises and yoga not only keeps the head calm, but also help in rejuvenating the body. Soon as the toxicity reduces, you tend to feel lighter, more comfortable warmth and increased concentration power. This, in turn, leads to greater capability of sailing through added work pressure, which in turn reduce stress-related work tension, and prepare you for what lies in the week ahead.

Bouncing back after a difficult week can be tough, but is necessary to keep up the reputation that you have established and worked so hard for it. With preventive healthcare procedures, you can ensure that you are ready to face challenges, no matter how or when they come along as.

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(The Views expressed here are my own and shouldn’t be construed as the views of any of my employers/partners, present or past)


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