With rising healthcare costs and increasingly busy lifestyles, the preventive healthcare services provide the most amount of comfort to a person.

We have always spoken of preventive healthcare services in terms of personal benefits, and how it spells boon for the individual. But, this particular line of service also spells great benefit for companies, particularly when you look at the bigger picture.

Medical benefits and advantages are increasingly becoming a part of pay packages, and this move is being regularised by companies globally to increase employee retention and joining rates. Medical expenditure is an inevitable yet costly part of our annual expenses, and that is why more companies are providing medical coverage as part of employee benefit initiatives to improve retention rates. One such medical service provided to amplify employee satisfaction is preventive healthcare services.

Preventive healthcare services are not strictly a new branch, but is now being remodeled into a more personal, intuitive and easy to access service, than just being calendar reminders leaving most of the hard work (scheduling appointments, finding the right doctor, etc.) to the individual only. But now, with preventive healthcare service providers such as OurHealthMate, the field is not only being improved, but its adoption is growing at a rapid rate.

Engaged employees are in the game for the sake of the game; they believe in the cause of the organization.

The key to the growth of preventive healthcare providers like #OurHealthMate lies in companies looking for innovative and meaningful ways of improving employee satisfaction. With preventive healthcare services at hand, employees get a thoroughly assisted hand at regularizing medical checkups. All medical reports are synchronized into one place, and the one portal itself helps individuals find relevant doctors, and even pay for their services over the Internet. Preventive healthcare services also ensure that medical checkups are scheduled in advance and do not collide with your vital meetings, and provide regular reminders to keep you up to date with your health.

Taking constant care of your body can often turn out to be a tad difficult because of our hectic lifestyles. Preventive healthcare services, in such scenarios, provide much higher employee satisfaction rates than other employee perks.

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