Here’s why it is absolutely crucial to have a sound healthcare plan in action.

Making a move away from your home land may be something that many aspire to do, but it is far more complicated than it seems. Once you have moved to a new country and settled abroad, you often end up with worries and concerns that are not pertinent only to you. The physical distance between your family back home may often end up worrying you, and for good reason – how do you ensure that your parents remain in good health?

It is for this reason that the one key factor that can change the entire experience of working abroad is making the correct healthcare decisions. In India, most medical insurance plans and services are all about post ailment care. As a result, most of our perceptions behind healthcare also happens to be similar, and we tend to not pay heed to any health infliction until it truly manifests itself.

This not only affects on an individual level, but also impacts the ones around the affected person. For you, living abroad, such thoughts can often deter you from your focus at work, and give rise to concerns where you would not know whether everyone back home is truly safe or not.

When people are away from home, they do things that might not normally do

With preventive healthcare services, you can not only ensure that your family gets a comprehensive healthcare plan that begins well before the ailment does, but also make sure that they get the right kind of service that is required. With preventive healthcare providers such as ‘OurHealthMate’, you get services like booking scheduled checkups for everyone back home, ensuring a completely cashless and prepaid process so that all questions about expenses are taken care of, selecting the right doctors for the process, and even getting your family’s medical records, to see for yourself that they are, indeed, doing fine.

It is this one factor that is key to the experience of living and working abroad. You can only enjoy when you know that your priorities are taken care of, and preventive healthcare is here to do exactly that.

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