Healthcare has always been looked upon as a packaged benefit for employees, one that is included in salaries, and shall be called upon if emergencies arise. However, with the increasingly mobile nature of our work, a large section of the global workforce staying away from their families and more stress in terms of the work itself, it is unsurprising that healthcare often turns into a bit of a burden to handle, for many.

Taking care of fundamental needs is now being gradually seen as a greater tangible benefit.

It is exactly this that one of India’s newer firms in the media sector, with multi-city offices spread across Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi, chose to address. This festive season, instead of opting for the rather traditional box of sweets and other peripherals, the employees received a thorough healthcare assistance plan, along with a planner, online access and preventive healthcare strategies. This gift of healthcare came as quite a bit of surprise, but one that was met with pleasantly.

Health is the greatest gift (Buddha)

“I have always been prescribed by my doctor to get cholesterol levels checked, but owing to the work stress and procrastination, I’ve often failed to go for regular checkups. While our company’s email concerning this personalised, easy-access and online healthcare system took me by surprise, it is just what I needed,” said Swati Garg, an employee here. Garg now receives a complete chart of healthcare requirements that she is to follow, along with regular reminders for checkups and general healthcare. For anything more that she’d need, a list of best suited doctors, clinics and all relevant contacts are at her fingertips now.

Such a scheme not only ensures preventive healthcare and better well-being, but also relieves the active young generation of the burden that many perceive healthcare plans to be. Alongside, Garg can access these services right from her phone, and all plans and schedules are easily tailored to her work schedule.

It is this that the company chose healthcare (conceptualized and executed by OurHealthMate) as the festive season gift this year. After all, rather than handing down a box of sweets, gifting a healthcare plan to employees raises the confidence in companies, increases employee satisfaction, and most importantly, takes good care of everyone’s health.

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(The Views expressed here are my own and shouldn’t be construed as the views of any of my employers/partners, present or past)


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