With urban workplaces becoming smarter, it is no surprise that a lot of pre-defined concepts and practices are being newly evaluated. One key practice that is being drastically reworked is the established healthcare practices that were so far being offered to employees. Most offices provide corporate healthcare coverages that provide medical expense benefits in case of hospitalisation or any such serious incident.

However, of late, preventive healthcare is increasingly accounting for being a key job benefit, providing employees with much more tangible benefits when it comes to the sector of healthcare. With preventive healthcare provided by the likes of OurHealthMate, the services provided range from finding the right doctor, scheduling an appointment with him/her, following up on the checkup, providing a public platform for individuals to give reviews of their experiences, keeping a tab of medical records, and even pre-booking medical appointments for families and streamlining the medical expenses.

After all, being well taken care of by the employers always imbibes a feeling of confidence in the workforce

With official preventive healthcare solutions, employees furthermore get access to a wider range of healthcare benefits, including general fitness, emotional support, cosmetic needs and even dietary advices, all provided within the company umbrella. It is statistically proven how healthcare accounts for a large percentage of concerns for any working professional, and it has a significant impact financially, too. With preventive healthcare services provided by companies, employees are being increasingly assured of assisted healthcare programs where their doctor appointments are being efficiently handled by the service providers, and even the finer medical expenses like routine doctor checkups are being taken care of.

It is this that is making preventive healthcare a key job perk, and one that endears more employees to their workplaces. After all, being well taken care of by the employers always imbibes a feeling of confidence in the workforce.

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