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A decade ago, the word ‘mouse’ would have conjured visions of a wired device attached to a mammoth mainframe, complete with a block-cut CPU, bulbous monitor and heavyset keyboard. Today, the mouse has taken on a much more primitive role, occupying the black abyss of the bottom of many a laptop bag. In a Darwinian evolution of sorts, the mouse has been eclipsed by the trusty touchpad. And yet, what should have been a celebration of innovation and imagination, has turned into an inverted lesson in productivity and health. As more and more studies prove, the humble mouse can help you do more with less, enabling you to gain more at home and in the workplace.

Plummeting Productivity

With longer work days and steeper targets becoming the norm, striking a balance between personal fulfilment and professional growth is becoming an ever-growing challenge for corporate professionals around the globe. The erstwhile 9 to 5 corporate regime has been usurped by fevered employees marching to the beat of a clock with longer hours, but less time. More and more, unhealthy work-life balance is contributing to job dissatisfaction, compromised family time, health problems and lower productivity.

The Might of the Mouse

How often do you favor a peripheral mouse over your laptop’s touchpad? If your answer is ‘rarely’, you may be exerting far more energy than you ought to in navigating your machine. A good mouse can save precious hours on the laptop, allowing ergonomic movements and fluid motions. Trackpads, on the other hand, are thought to invite problems like tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and a plethora of other medical complications tethered to extended periods of use. Whether you’re a newbie on the job or a time-served micro ninja, an ergonomic mouse can make for a loyal, long-serving companion that can help you in more ways than one.

  • Stress Management

Repetitive circular motions on the touchpad can freeze the fingers and put stress on the hands and forearms. An ergonomic mouse can help you maintain the strength in your arms.

  • Customization

A customized mouse can be tailored to your exact fit, style and size. A mouse like this should feel like an organic extension of your hand.

  • Suitability

Unlike a touchpad, mice come in myriad forms. Trackball mice, button mice and ring mice are just some of the options available. Experiment with various designs to find what works best for you.

  • Productivity

A device that fits you like a glove can lend to longer windows of work and a lower likelihood of mouse-related injuries. Over time, you’ll find yourself free of muscle fatigue. That being said, regular breaks are important to keep up the momentum.

Tips to Use the Mouse Better

  • Choose a mouse that fits comfortably in your hand; a size too big or too small can be an invitation for wrist problems
  • Purchase a gaming mouse; this can help you maintain dexterity and functionality through long, extended periods of work
  • Glide the mouse gently and use a mouse pad to gain better traction
  • Keep your elbow as the fulcrum and straighten your wrist while guiding the mouse
  • Pick a mouse with load-sharing so that you can switch the mouse between your left and right hand

If you’ve been struggling with long hours and low productivity at the workplace, making the switch to a better lifestyle is easier than you think. Start with the little things, like rescuing your mouse from the hallowed depths of your laptop bag.

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