As a working momma, it can be easy to feel burdened by the demands of a career and of parenthood. While it can seem like there’s never enough time to get all the work you’d like done, with a few secrets, you can master the art of keeping your boss and your baby happy.

Make Your Mornings Zen: It is important to decompress in the mornings and take time for yourself to clear your mind and do some soul-searching. If possible, plan your day the night before and use the morning to reflect on your activities for the day in a relaxed frame of mind. Avoid launching into your day straight out of bed. Instead, sit up for a few minutes, take deep breaths and gift yourself some precious moments of inner peace. A happy momma is the foundation of a happy family, so it is important that you make yourself a priority before giving yourself to others.

Make Daily Traditions: Make breakfast a family tradition by gathering all the members of your household around the table. Or if the mornings are too fast-paced for a joint meal, create evening rituals that you can do together as a family. Evening swims, playtimes at the park and garden strolls can be wonderful ways of bonding as a family and letting your kids know that they are still your number 1 priority.

Keep Up with Phone Calls: Returning to work after maternity leave can stir up anxiety, especially in the early days. As a mom, you’re programmed to worry, but it is a good idea to take measures to alleviate some of your concerns. Take breaks during the day to get on a quick voice or video call with your child’s caregiver to find out about his or her progress. If you have an older child, a daily phone call can be a reassuring way to let them know that they are in your thoughts. Hearing your child’s voice can give you a much-needed boost at the workplace and serve as vital fuel for meeting deadlines and completing assignments.

Be Clear with Expectations at Work: Many women feel caught because expectations at the workplace are not clearly defined. It is important for you to discuss hours, deliverables and expectations with your manager to ensure that you are both on the same page. In India especially, there is an unspoken culture of addressing emails and calls after-hours and on weekends. If you find that such an arrangement interferes with time with your family or compromises your personal life, be open to discussing your concerns and sensitize your manager about limiting your interactions to within the workplace. If expectations are laid down right at the outset, you are less likely to face conflict at a later stage.

Be Smart about Socializing at Work: There’s no doubt that socializing at work can enhance professional relationships. However, when it comes to choosing between family and colleagues, it’s important to evaluate carefully. Pick times to socialize when your kids are already occupied or when your spouse is also busy. Make your family a priority when it comes to after-hours hangouts.

Ban Gadgets Inside the Home: Gadgets can be wasteful distractions during family time, so it’s wise to set an example by exiling your mobile phone during meals together. Also, switch off the television and reserve mealtimes for constructive conversations about the day gone by. This time can be vital for you to catch up on your child’s day, find out what they did at school and what activities they got up to. Give your family focused attention that makes up for your absence the rest of the day.

By keeping these secrets close to your heart, you can be a superhero at work and at home. From this Mother’s Day, strive to seek the best of both worlds.

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