On June 5th, 2018 the team from Association of State Road Transport Undertakings (ASRTU) celebrated this World Environment Day differently. The team took a pledge to protect the environment and conserve nature. Eminent personalities highlighted issues pertaining to the changing environment and measures that can help combat impact.

At an awareness session conducted by OurHealthMate, there was a clear message communicated about damage to the environment, its effect on human life and health. The session was addressed by two leading professionals in their respective fields – Ms. Shefali Bakshi, an environmental expert and Dr. Shaili Tomar, a renowned nutritionist.

The key takeaways from the event were:

1. Go Green – This year again ASRTU team took the initiative of making the Earth greener and cleaner. Five years ago, the employees had planted saplings which have since grown into big trees. This year too they repeated the sapling planting initiative for a better environment and fruitful tomorrow.

2. Beat Plastic Pollution – Taking forward the theme of the World Environment Day 2018, the organization pledged to work towards a plastic free environment. The next big step that the organization has planned is to install plastic bottle crushing machines in public places. Hopefully, this will help reduce littering and promote biodegradable alternatives.

3. Conserve Resources – Understanding that we have to prereserve our resources for future generations, ASRTU believes that everyone should use resources such as water cautiously. Techniques like rainwater harvesting will help raise the groundwater table and help avoid water crisis situations like in Cape Town, South Africa.

 4. Solar Energy – One of the cleanest and reliable renewable energies, solar energy can also be used in many ways to save electricity. The energy converted to photovoltaic power can be used to light up our cities; charge automobiles and gadgets, and much more.

 And finally, it was time to speak about health and wellness which included Diet Plans – The nutritionist addressed a session on diet plans that one should follow rigorously to stay fit and healthy. She suggested healthy eating habits and preventive health care tips to live well in conditions that are not ideal.

All the team members thoroughly enjoyed the entire session. With the pledge taken, the team was ready to contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.

Incidentally, OurHealthMate is the health and wellness partner of ASRTU. “ASRTU partnered with OurHealthMate – taking initiatives towards providing a clean environment to the people of India.”

Founded in 2013, OurHealthMate (OHM) is a health-tech startup. Their award-winning services are rooted in a three-pronged service strategy: care planning, business intelligence, and execution. They cater to 200,000 employees who use their corporate platform. OHM cares about the environment and sustainable development.


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