In 1972 UN General Assembly declared the World Environment Day. Two years later in 1974, the World Environment Day (WED), was celebrated with the theme as ‘Only One Earth’. Internationally, it is an important day that is leveraged to promote public awareness and share a deeper understanding of the environment. The theme for each year changes depending on the prevailing issue. This is followed by developing an action plan and a timeline for execution. Against the backdrop of Climate Change, the globe has awakened to the need for protecting our planet.

People’s Way on Environment Day

World Environment Day is manifested through “people’s way” because it is ordinary people like us who contribute to either ruining or protecting the environment. In recent times, due to technological advancements, human beings have exploited Nature in a manner that has created global warming, climate change, air and water pollution besides compromising marine life and oceans. These environmental problems are creating havoc in the lives of both humans and wildlife.

Here are a few ways we can play our part in saving the environment:

1. Clean up your Surroundings – By keeping our surroundings clean, we can avoid air, water, and soil pollution. This helps prevent various non- communicable diseases significantly. A healthier environment is beneficial for all.

2. Plant a Tree – Trees create an ecosystem to provide habitat and food for birds and animals. Trees also improve the quality of air by filtering out pollutant gases. Thus, trees help in combating Climate Change, so planting trees should be actively encouraged. People should proactively protest the destruction of trees in metros and towns for infrastructure development.

3. Be Eco-Friendly – Reuse, Recycle and Reduce the consumption of precious resources like water, electricity and various natural resources. This will also reduce the accumulation of solid waste which usually takes years to decompose, thereby creating a negative impact on the environment. Every time footwear or apparel is discarded it leaves behind a carbon footprint.

4. Refuse Plastic bags – Plastic is like a parasite destroying the ecosystem. It is not just hazardous to health but almost never decomposes. Hence, the best way out is by reducing our consumption of plastic or better still, do away with it.

5. Switch to Energy Efficient Equipment – Start using appliances which consume less electricity. Switch to LED bulbs which are power savers and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While it is good for the environment, it helps save money too.

6. Switch to Solar Power – Generating electricity from renewable sources of energy will have an enormous positive impact on the environment. This will reduce the carbon emission from burning of fossil fuels used in conventional power plants. Solar Power is the most accessible and easily available form of renewable energy and the cheapest too.

7. Change your Travel Habits – Switch to an eco-friendly manner of travel. Public transport and carpooling are good options, instead of an individual driving a fuel guzzling car. This will help control traffic snarls in cities and simultaneously reduce pollution.

By following these few simple steps, everyone can do their part to keep the environment clean and healthy. Let’s work towards a sustainable tomorrow.

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