Last week, Lalitha Subbarao Nanjundayya Memorial Trust (LSN Trust) conducted a ‘Happy Periods’ awareness session at St. Vincent’s Church, Cooke Town, Bangalore. The session was conducted for young girls and underprivileged women. Gynecologist and Sustainable Menstruation activist – Dr. Meenakshi Bharath was invited as the chief guest and speaker for the event. The engagement with the participants focused on topics like – women’s reproductive health. One of the most crucial topics discussed under this was “menstrual hygiene and taking charge of their own body.” The ultimate aim of the campaign was to highlight the three benefits – no rash, no trash and less cash.

Menstruation and menstrual health is still a ‘hush-hush’ issue in many parts of the world. This leaves growing young women with confusion, shame and half-baked knowledge about their body’s biology. Societal restrictions along with periods and hormonal changes end up in making period an unfortunate ordeal for women. The awareness session provided general awareness into periods, followed by basic exercises one needs to do to be fit and active during periods.

The session took an interesting turn when the concept of “environmentally responsible happiness” was introduced to the participants. The market is full of sanitary napkins that are developed with synthetically synthesized chemicals and plastic. These napkins are harmful to both the environment and a woman’s health. These pads are not just uncomfortable but can cause infections if used for more than three hours. Added to that they are expensive. An alternative to this was introduced in the discussion, such as vaginal cups and cloth pads (which are relatively cheap and reusable). The whole session was well received. Participants even took the opportunity to ask questions about their health and environmentally safe alternative products.

The OurHealthMate team was also a part of the event. They not only stand in solidarity with the cause but are also keen to spread awareness on this issue. The ordinary sanitary napkins not only have an adverse impact on the users but also on the environment. While plastics in sanitary napkins are reason for irritation, itching and vaginal discharge, rain causes waste from napkins dumped in landfills to seep into the water table, thereby impacting the environment.

Founded in 2013, OurHealthMate (OHM) is a health-tech startup. Their award-winning services are rooted in a three-pronged service strategy: care planning, business intelligence, and quality execution. For them “Women Health” is an important milestone to achieve, in their vision of “healthcare for all.” Hence, OHM stands together with the mission of making periods happy and environmentally safe.


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