World Friendship Day or the International Day of Friendship is celebrated annually on July 30th. It is a day when friends reminiscence days gone by, connect and express their love for each other.


Going back in history, Friendship Day celebration was started by Hallmark cards in the 1930’s. Like all good ideas have a business compulsion, this day too was viewed cynically by the public, as a money spinning initiative to push up sales of greeting cards. Well one could deduce that the public was not far from the truth. During the World War II in the 1940’s, significance of the day had faded into nothing. However, the idea of a day that honours friendship stuck with number of Asian and South American companies, where it remained a popular custom. The day saw its revival when the World Friendship Crusade (WFC), an international civil organisation that advocates world peace through the bond of friendship proposed July 30 1958 as the day earmarked for celebration. Many years later, in 2011, the 30th of July was finally declared as the International Day of Friendship by the General Assembly of United Nations. However, some countries, including India, celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. The dates of celebration might be different but the idea is remarkably same. Everywhere, people express love for their friends and cherish their presence in life. The day is usually spent by celebrating together, wearing friendship bands and exchanging gifts.

What is Friendship?

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value;

 rather is one of those things that give value to survival.”

 C.S. Lewis

 Oxford dictionary, defines friendship as, “a state of mutual trust and support between allied nations.” According to modern definition, friendship is defined as “one joined to another in intimacy and mutual benevolence independently of sexual or family love”. (Yager, 2002) But for Aristotle this term is much deeper and can be used in broader frames. Aristotle regards less intimate bonds as friendships as well as the intimate relationship in the modern definition. Relationships between husband and wife, father and son, neighbors, business partners, team members, members of a political party, teacher and student, etc. all would be viewed as friendships in Aristotle’s eyes.

In the realm of sociology and psychology, Friendship is a relationship that comprises of three essential components: reciprocal services, mutual contact and joint pursuits. “Shared activities” become additional component which defines friendship. However, the concept of friendship is not all rational and objective as the body of science will like us to believe. Things often take an emotional turn. These emotions are highly subjective in nature. People often tend to develop fond feelings and sentiments for their friends without requiring a moral justification for them. Thus, it is common for people to deeply sympathize with their friends even when it’s evident that the friend in question is doing something that might go against the societal norm of morality. (Cialdini, R. 2001).

While the definition of friendship changes from person to person and culture to culture, the emotional bond of trust, loyalty and sister/brotherhood is same across the globe.

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