Vishal Gupta, Corporate Wellness – Champion @OHM believes that the special bond of friendship exceeds physical, social and mental boundaries. A friend can be anything from co- conspirator to a superhero. Here, is his story of friendship. Keep scrolling.

To me friendship is everything. A stronger form of interpersonal bond that defies social norms and even the laws of gravity (*inside joke*). Shirish Agrawal is more than a friend to me. He is like my brother, who saved me from endless difficult situations and even I have reciprocated the same every once in a while. But the ratio is still 10:2 (him being the 10 and me being the 2).

There is not just one but countless incidents where Shirish abided the two pillars of friendship, and these are none other than trust and loyalty.

One such incident happened in my native place – Lucknow. Shirish and I knew each other since college, and our parents knew each other too. On occasion, my parents hosted a small get together. And he is one of my best buddies, was also invited to the party (along with his parents).

One of my college buddies sneaked in RC whisky bottle to a rather simple and “sober” family get together. I was initially a little hesitant to drink, but the excitement of drinking alcohol the first time took over, and I ended up having a few neat shots (thanks to my dear friends. #sarcasm). As expected, I got really drunk and was having difficulty in being conscious. While everyone was having fun, it was only Shirish who helped me out from that terrible situation. He single-handedly managed to keep me sober (by feeding me lemon) and keep me away from my parents (a drunken encounter with our parents would have been embarrassing).

Similarly, he saved me again during my final practical viva. Shirish is academically better off than me, and would generally help me with exam stuff. But this time, we were in different groups. I was on the ground floor giving my vivas, while he was on the first floor, giving his practicals.

I was bombing my vivas terribly and was having great difficulty in understanding the questions asked by my invigilator. So he finally asked me, “Is there anyone who can make you understand what I am asking?”

I had only one person in my mind, and that was Shirish. The invigilator sent someone to call him immediately. He came, heard the question from the invigilator and made me understand the question (all at the same time). To everyone’s surprise, I understood the question on the first go, when he explained that, and answered the invigilator right away.

I feel lucky to have a friend who saves the day every time. He is more than a friend to me; he is my superhero.


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