For Tabrez Dean, Divisional Head @OHM, friendship is about finding people who are your kind of crazy. He believes that true friends will never judge you, but join you in your daily shenanigans (no matter how weird or crazy it might be). Let’s read Tabrez’s story of friendship, which helped him derive this interesting definition. Keep Scrolling!

I have been blessed with lots of friends, and I can narrate brilliant, memorable stories with most of them.

However, given the task at hand, I shall share my understanding of friendship…

Captain Haddock is the name of this wonderful person who I met almost three decades ago. I remember distinctly we first met on our school ground for cricket try-outs. Ever since we have played school and club cricket together.

Long hours spent on the cricket field and some more time discussing opponents ensured we spent a lot of time together. These interactions, on a daily basis, led to an understanding which helped us as cricketers on the field and as friends off it. Staying in the same neighborhood helped build this friendship and trust.

We have had some fantastic memories over this duration of time, and one such memory comes from a cricket tournament we had participated in. It was cricket season, and one of the oldest cricket tournament was being revived by a veteran tournament organizer. It was also mentioned that this might not be an every year event. The teams participating had a lot of history facing each other in tournaments. However, given the age and fitness of our team, we too realized this may be the last time we were playing together.

Captain Haddock did brilliantly well as an opening bat and captain, and I supported him as the MVP of the tournament. We had waltzed our way into the finals of this event by winning one of the best semifinal matches that had ever been played. To celebrate the occasion (prematurely) we decided to indulge in a Saturday night party which went on until the game on Sunday morning. Needless to say, we had a horrible time that morning concentrating on the game. As matches go, we had to field first, and everything seemed like a daze until it was my time to bowl. I had bowled brilliantly all through the tournament, and this wasn’t going to be any different (or so I thought). However, the night took its toll and I developed a back injury which was so painful, even standing on the cricket field seemed a challenge. Captain Haddock came up for a conversation knowing that I am struggling with pain on the cricket field it has to be something nasty. I just looked at him, and he understood that I needed rest and recuperation so as to complete the game and contribute to the outcome.

He ensured things did not slip away from us and kept the opposition down to a modest total. He batted beautifully, but the others did not stay with him at the crease. I was taking rest as everything seems under control and then it happened. I was asked to go in and bat when I could barely stand. I looked onto the field and saw my Captain, my friend looking in my direction and hoping against hope I gather the courage to face the pain. I took the field and supported him by holding one end up. We played well within ourselves and ensured there were no more slip-ups. He did all the work and when we met between overs the talk was about everything other than cricket. We won the tournament and I the MVP award.

It made me realize that whatever be the circumstances that life has to throw at us, we wouldn’t let each other down and would face the challenges head-on. He remains a part of my life which was blessed with fabulous memories…


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