You can count on me like one two three

I’ll be there

And I know when I need it I can count on you like four three two

You’ll be there

‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah.

Count on me – Bruno Marks

Ravneet Kaur is leading the Communication Team at OurHealthMate believes that friendship is happiness. Your friend is your sunshine. If you are sad or facing any difficulty, they are there to help you out. Friendship is being there for each other, no matter what. Let’s read her story of friendship day.

Shwetika and I became friends in August 2008, so it’s safe to say, it has been ten years of friendship. It was our first day in college, and we hardly knew anyone there. Looking at a familiar face, she approached me, and together we said: “Hey, Hansarian!” (JINX!!)

We knew each other (only by face) from childhood, to be specific we spent 14 years together in the school but in different sections, and we never talked to each other. This could be because I was completely different from what I am today; I was a shy girl who didn’t like to interact much with people.

To me, friendship is happiness. A person who stands by your side, no matter what. Distance or frequency of “getting in touch” does not matter, because we know that we will be there for each other.

There are several instances when she helped me, and I felt how difficult that situation would have been without her. While I can list a number of such stories, here is one of them. I remember, during our sixth-semester exams, my father got hospitalized because he was suffering from the liver abscess. That was a hard time for me; I have always been very close to my dad and was very emotional/ sentimental about him. Managing my studies and other responsibilities were not easy. She not only helped me with my exam preparation but also supported me both emotionally and mentally, which in turn helped me in being strong for my family.

She has always stood by me, from my gray days to the sunny ones. Whenever I find myself in darkness, she is still the one to light the candle. She is a beautiful soul, and I am blessed to have many cherishable memories with her.


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