This week the nation celebrated a unique achievement by North East India.  We got our first all women SWAT team comprising 36 commandoes from the northeastern states. Known as the ‘7 sisters and a brother’, the region comprises seven states including Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura. Sikkim is considered as the only brother to 7 sisters.

North East: A Strategic Market for Healthcare

This expanse of land has vast geographical and cultural diversity. Northeast’s climate is an interesting potpourri of Bay of Bengal moisture and mighty Himalayan breeze. This makes it the home to some of the most exotic rainforests and flora-fauna on the surface of the earth.

In the last few decades, India has grown as the new hub for effective and affordable health. It offers a wide variety of healthcare facilities and treatment which is one-tenth of what it is in many developed countries.

Geographically, Northeast (NE) shares its border with Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, parts of Nepal and China. A total of 1.78 lakh patients were given for medical visas in 2016, and a majority of these from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan among others. Northeast’s strategic position makes it a hub for health-tech and health tourism industries.

Future is Here

Post-operative treatment and follow up through technological innovation in tele/video consultation, consultation through Artificial Intelligence, online/ title/ drone (for geographically inaccessible) based medical delivery system can bring more confidence in patients in the current healthcare system.

Now, add all the pro-tech facilities with pollution free environment, spectacular biodiversity, snow-capped Himalayas, and shrines of diverse religions – you will find Northeast a literal “scope of adding new life to health.”

Guwahati is now becoming the new destination for health services. Other cities of NE such as Dimapur, Imphal, and Shillong, are also not far behind.

How will it help the people of North East?

Promoting and developing the health tech in the current location along with medical tourism generate new employment opportunities. This will also lead to ethnic tribes, languages, lifestyles, clothes & fabric and handicraft unique to Northeast get global recognition.

Medical advancement has the advantage of bringing public health care up to the standard of private healthcare and make quality healthcare accessible for all.

Founded in 2013, OurHealthMate (OHM) is a health-tech startup. Their award-winning services are rooted in a three-pronged service strategy: care planning, business intelligence, and quality execution. Our ethos is emblazoned with a culture of inclusion and a spirit of diversity. We celebrate every culture, every region, and every religion. We draw energies from each other and seek inspiration from each other’s backgrounds. Whether you are from the Northeast or any other part of the country, we invite you to be a part of our growth story. Come, join us in building one of the most cutting-edge health care, which is a “healthcare for all.” Come, be a game changer.


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