“The best therapist has fur and four paws.”

There’s nothing better than a wet nose and a wagging tail to calm your nerves and cure your anxiety – whether or not you’re an animal aficionado.

In India, an increasing number of offices are making room for a pet-friendly workplace, signaling a new millennial paradigm in work-life balance. Pet-friendly offices are more than just style statements; they are proving to be priceless antidotes to workplace stressors, presenting potent benefits for both employers and employees.

If you’re not entirely convinced about turning your office into a wet-nose, wag-tail wonderland, here are five reasons to clear your doubt.

  1. Sense of Contentment

Dogs are proven to augment employee morale, boost contentment and serve as a welcome diversion in the face of tricky deadlines and late-evening meetings. A study by Central Michigan University which was conducted by placing a poodle across two professional groups noted that employees smiled and engaged more in the presence of a dog.

  1. Natural Therapy

Research indicates that wagging tails can bring about a calming effect in the workplace, absorbing stress, improving blood pressure, enhancing health and inspiring employees to perform better and faster. A 2012 study by Virginia Commonwealth University compared the stress levels of pet-owning and non-pet-owning employees. It revealed that the former group had lower stress levels and higher job satisfaction.

  1. Reduced Attrition and Higher Activity Levels

Encouraging employees to bring their four-legged companions to work every day can be a brilliant retention tool. In a way, you’re inviting your colleagues to bring a piece of home along with them, instilling a sense of comfort throughout the workday, and leaving less room for dissatisfaction or lack of work-life balance. Most workplaces, especially those lacking a health program, are guilty of turning employees into unthinking zombies that float from home to office and back. Pets can be a catalyst for change, motivating people to emerge from their hermit-like state to walk, snuggle and play with their canine companions. Dogs also serve as a reminder that there’s a world beyond work, and that no matter the looming deadlines and the towering workload, there’s always a little time for an oxygen break.

  1. Reformed Culture due to pets being a Millennial Magnet

Owning a pet can be a great responsibility – the feeds, the walks, the bathroom breaks, and the work. And yet, a pet-friendly office can be a happy medium that not only allows you to bring your furry friends to work, but also share a bit of the responsibility with your colleagues. A pet-friendly workplace can be an enticement for animal-loving millennials who have high expectations when it comes to workplace benefits.

  1. Improved Workplace Qualities

We can all learn a little something from our pups, especially qualities like patience, tolerance, and gratitude. As pet product subscription company Barkbox observed in a survey it conducted, that 54% of dog owners experienced a renewed sense of patience around their dogs, and 52% said they felt an additional mantle of responsibility. The bonus? These qualities can happily spill over into workplace dynamics, giving rise to more wholesome work culture.

Introducing adorable animals to your office can be an excellent way to engage pet lovers and acquaint animal skeptics to the joys of canine therapy. At OurHealthMate, our workplace animal therapy sessions are thoughtfully crafted to enhance the physical, emotional and psychological well-being through potent human-animal bonding. We have demonstrated powerful results in stress management, augmented productivity and performance through our programs. To experience the magic of animal therapy at your office, reach us at corporate@ourhealthmate.com.


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