Coconut day in India is a ceremonial day observed by fishing communities along the western coast of India.  It is celebrated around the end of the monsoon season and marks the beginning of calmer seas and safe sailing. September 2nd has been designated as the “World Coconut Day” by the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC), headquartered at Jakarta, Indonesia. All the dominant coconut growing countries are part of this community, including India. The primary focus of the committee in celebrating this day is to create awareness about coconut, and its potential to alleviate poverty, encourage investments and promote the development of coconut industry in the member states and the world.

Here are a few tips on coconut as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Nut for a Healthy Life

  • Nature’s detox – Nutritionist Shraddha Khanna believes coconut water is a natural detox drink and has some magical hydrating power. It is low in calories and rich in potassium which makes coconut water better and is much appreciated during the summer. It is also the perfect substitute for energy drinks.
  • Excellent fat moderator – If you love fried food but are also a health freak, then edible coconut oil is your savior. Some components that are present in coconut oil is rich in phytochemicals that have healthful antioxidant properties. It also has fewer calories and moderates your metabolism.
  • Blood pressure manager – A published research paper in the West Indian Medical Journal in 2005 found that coconuts can help control hypertension. Drinking coconut water or eating coconut regularly can also minimize the risk of heart attack, keep cholesterol in check, and manage the harmful effects of excessive sodium intake.
  • Boosts immunity – Being rich in vitamin B and C, coconut helps build immunity in the body to fight infections and diseases. It provides resistance against microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Its antifungal property also helps in preventing fungal infections.
  • Coconut in coffee – Putting coconut oil coffee can have more benefits than you think. According to experts, it can increase energy levels and hasten metabolism. Consumption of coconut products is recommended in low carb diets such as Keto diet.
  • Coconut as perfume – Coconut is a versatile fruit which is also used in fragrances. The breezy, tropical fragrance of coconut gives a distinct personality to the wearer.

The Nut Of Sustainability

The world is waking up to the harmful effect of plastic and is promoting the usage of eco-friendly materials. Coconut fiber, also known as coir is by far the best substitute for plastic. Coconut husk can be used for various commercial products, and these husks have great retail value too. Its sturdiness and coarse texture make it the best alternative material for carpets, pillows, mats, ropes, and brushes. Coconut husk can also be used as a raw material for producing various materials since it is natural and has no such side effects. Moreover, the products made out of coir are 100% recyclable.

In A Nut Shell

Coconut is an excellent example of the saying – “Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.” From its inner properties to its tough exterior, everything is reusable and 100% natural.

Founded in 2013, OurHealthMate (OHM) is a health-tech startup. Their award-winning services are rooted in a three-pronged service strategy: care planning, business intelligence, and quality execution. They believe in incorporating in a healthy and an eco-friendly lifestyle on both personal and professional front, and the coconut fruit is an excellent source of inspiration for them.


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