Engineer’s Day is celebrated across the globe on different dates. However, in India, the engineering community celebrates “Engineer’s Day” on September 15th. 2018 is a significant year for the occasion as it marks the 50th anniversary of the Engineer’s Day in India. It also happens to be the 157th birth anniversary of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya (also known as Sir MV) who is one of the most celebrated Indian Engineers of all time and tributes are paid in his memory. He was Chief Engineer responsible for construction of the Krishna Raja Sagara dam in Mandya district and flood protection system for Hyderabad.

Engineers around the world play an important role in the development and economic growth of a country. Thus, it is important to recognize their contribution and keep the community motivated. It also encourages them to innovate and introduce new technologies that benefit humankind. It is at this occasion that I feel like sharing my story as one (engineer).

Sneak peek on my life as an Engineer and a Techie

From a very young age, I was interested in tech products. I loved fixing things. For my mom, that meant breaking things. I still have a collection of old devices that I fix in my free time.

As I grew up, my interest in engineering took a deeper turn. I loved building things, especially what does inside the machines and tech products. And luck seemed to be in my favor when I cleared my entrance exam for NUS (National University of Singapore). I graduated from NUS with in Computer Engineering with a minor in techpreneurship. In the process, I got an opportunity to work with various tech companies. I loved my job and my team. We did not care how big or small our projects were. We were happy knowing that our solutions were helping the world in becoming better place to live in.

My energy and drive were temporarily affected with the news of my father’s heart surgery. Being at the receiving end, I got a first-hand experience of poor health care delivery system in our country. By the way, the story is not very different from other nations. Medical infrastructure and technology are of no use if the healthcare delivery ecosystem is inaccessible and backward. Having an engineer, I decided to stop bickering and change things.

A crazy idea coupled with passion and zeal helped me find a tech-driven solution to healthcare challenges which subsequently gave birth to OurHealthMate. Currently, I am on a mission to bring OurHealthMate to the world map, especially in the arena of consumer and corporate healthcare.

What made me choose engineering as my profession?

The idea of building gadgets that are automated, and remote controlled always intrigued me. The choice becomes much easier when there are well-paid jobs in the area.

Why does the world need engineers?

As the population increasing, everything will require tech interface to sustain these people. From education, agriculture to banking, insurance and healthcare delivery every field will require engineers.

Who is my inspiration?

My inspiration is and will always will be Lady Eva Lovelace. For those who don’t know her, she is an English mathematician and writer. She was one of the pioneers/ “mother” of computer science. She comes from a family of poets. For her science, calculation and derivations were nothing but an intricate and complex art of poetry.

I have always been fascinated by what she believed in and the things she has achieved in her life. Especially in a time when the world was not open to the idea of “women engineers.”

Why I think it is essential to have a day such as “engineer day”?

As an engineer, I would say, “It’s as important what old monk is to the rum world…. Thus very important.” We celebrate days such as Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day to remember and recognize the roles they play in our lives. Our appreciation is a token of the responsibility they shoulder to make our existence worthwhile. Similarly, Engineer’s Day recognizes those who have done excellent work in the field and encourage others who want to follow the same path.

(The views expressed here are my own and shouldn’t be construed as the views of any of my employers/partners, present or past).


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