Always plagued by fear or worry? Feel an overbearing sense of foreboding with everyday activities and relationships? Having trouble expressing your emotions? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of those questions, it’s likely that you suffer from a clinical condition called anxiety. It is a phenomenon that manifests as prolonged, extreme fear or apprehension that interferes with your daily life. Anxiety is not a one-time event. It takes control over a period, and it could be influenced by several factors: a tyrannical boss, a beleaguered bank balance, personal stress or a traumatic event. Or then, a combination of all of them.

There’s no miracle cure for anxiety; its management is a long-term endeavor. However, there are ways to cope with the condition on a day-to-day basis. If you often fall victim to anxiety attacks, seek comfort in these five foolproof relief strategies:

Practise Controlled Breathing

Anxiety attacks often arise due to compromised breathing habits. When it comes to therapeutic breathing, the key is not in deeper breaths, but in slowing your pace and taking shallower, shorter ones. Try drawing breaths gently through your nose and holding them for about four seconds. Then, exhale slowly through your mouth, controlling the airflow through pursed lips. Repeat this cycle about a dozen times. Not only will this technique ensure you’re not at risk of hyperventilating, but your body will also have a chance of resetting its carbon dioxide equilibrium.

Find a Friendly Face

Whether you’re scrambling for a deadline or curled up on your couch, an anxiety attack doesn’t often come with a warning. So, when it does arrive, it’s best to seek distraction in a face you trust. Turn to a workplace colleague, a long-time friend, your spouse or family member for solace. Confide in them about your mental agony beforehand, so that they are prepared to support you in times of need. A supportive environment can do wonders for your confidence and lend you much-needed comfort too. Anxiety is in mind and can be effectively conquered through diversion.  

Relax Yourself

This may require some homework because you need to discover activities that provide you instant relief. A steaming cup of coffee in the cafeteria or a leisurely walk through the office parking lot could be your quick fix. Or it could be something as simple as rolling an eraser between your fingers to release pent-up emotions. Choose pick-me-ups that are within reach and can offer an instant solution.

Trick Your Mind

Believe it or not, anxiety is most often self-inflicted and is invited by negative thoughts usually within your control. Although easier said than done, the secret lies in training your mind to ward off negative energy. Coach yourself to think happy thoughts, surround yourself with positive people, read inspiring books and pick movies that put a smile on your face. All these influences add up.

Create a Fabulous Playlist

Music is immensely powerful and can have a calming, curative effect on your anxiety. Select relaxing musical genres and curate songs into a personalized playlist. Music has a curious way of influencing emotions while soothing notes can compose your thoughts. Just plug in your headphones and relax.

With anxiety, it’s not just the long-drawn therapies and medication plans that promise true progress. By starting small, you can accelerate your separation from this haunting condition. You’ll notice that in the end, it’s the little things that add up.

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