Your autumn years are a period of golden transition, heralding a phase of carefree days, unplanned vacations and recounting tales to your grandchildren about your heydays. You may find yourself inclined towards a healthier lifestyle – low on stress and high on nutrition – a surefire formula to enhance your pensioner years. However, your life’s best chapter can be given a beautiful beginning only if you age healthily. This includes planning your medical, financial and family needs in advance. If you’re teetering on retirement, consider this strategy.

The Four Step Strategy to Attain the Fountain of Youth

Step 1 – Assess Your Health on a regular basis

Regular health check-ups can give you a snapshot of your health profile, especially if you are already experiencing preliminary symptoms of an illness or disease. It can offer vital clues about your long-term health and what to expect in the future. It’s more than likely that your healthcare needs will increase as you age. Invest in health insurance and review your terms to check that you are optimally secured. Make sure your retirement fund is enough to meet requirements beyond the scope of your policy.

Step 2 – Forecast Your Care Needs

It may be hard to imagine but consider a plan for when you are no longer able to care for yourself and live independently. If you have children, discuss the possibility of them helping you with care while you help them with timely support. This may mean moving to another city to be with them or moving to another house within the same city to be near them. Either way, think ahead about living arrangements, health-linked financial expenses, and care-at-home options. It is not weakness but rather a sign of strength to seek support from others to achieve your goals.

Step 3 – Create a Fallback Plan

In your sunset years, you may be fraught with life-changing decisions. These may impact your money, your health, your home, and your partner. By planning for possible exigencies in advance, you can take preventive measures to safeguard yourself in the future. Assess critical parameters such as your savings, medical needs, unexpected illnesses, and your home’s architectural layout to understand whether they are geared towards healthy aging. Your money, for instance, can be an enabler of a superlative lifestyle in your autumn years – giving you surplus funds for vacations, indulgences and more. Also, a retirement fund can secure you against health emergencies and terminal illnesses, presenting reserve capital in times of need.

Step 4 – Safeguard Your Family

If you’re the sole breadwinner in your family, it’s worth thinking about how to protect your family if anything were to happen to you. A crippling disease like cancer, for example, can rapidly diminish your finances, impacting your family in the long run. Create a safety net for extreme eventualities by seeking legal and financial expertise from a wealth manager. Also, craft a succession plan for your assets and consult a lawyer to make a formal will.

Welcome the good life and turn back the clock by staying personally, financially and physically empowered through your retirement. Say hello to colorful autumn.

Founded in 2013, OurHealthMate (OHM) is a health-tech startup. Their award-winning services are rooted in a three-pronged service strategy: care planning, business intelligence, and quality execution. OHM support and appreciate senior citizens for their brilliant achievements. They believe that with proper guidance, and preemptive measures can help you be self-sufficient in your autumn years.


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