Introduction to the Mountain Man

Sourav Ghosh, Director, Co-Founder of Sports Reconnect, and national level tennis player is not a very complicated person to understand. He is a typical bong (Bengali) who loves his fish curry and rice (maacher jhol and bhaat) and has a deep attachment to sports.  A die-hard sportsperson from a very young age, he traveled daily for 90 minutes to his tennis coaching institute for training. But as days progressed into months and then years, the busy corporate world took over his life, making it very hard for him to go back to sports. Sourav would initially blame his lack of time on his financial commitment, the need for luxury, family responsibilities, and the sad state of sports in India.  One day, he decided to stop whining and do something about it and then Sports Reconnect was born. Introducing Sourav Ghosh….

The following story is not that of an organisation, but the man behind it. But, wait!  Here it is straight from the horse’s mouth.

The Mountain Man

Hello fellow travellers and readers!  Before I get down to the story, let me share with you why I chose to do a thirteen- day trek to the Mt. Everest base camp at 5364 metres above sea level. I will share a series of blogs . These posts are a snippet of some of the many feelings I experienced during my trek through the rocky Himalayan terrain. It is a pleasure and a thrill to be able to share my journey. It was a very exhilarating and life-defining experience. Of course, the trip was anxiety ridden too.  I carried a travel diary and noted each detail during the journey.

As you are aware, I am passionate about sports. I believe that sports do not make a man’s character but reveal it.  Sports taught me the importance of three essential attributes: hard work, honesty, and optimism.

These attributes can make the loftiest dreams to come true. Yes, there will be mountains to climb, rivers to cross, and forests to survive.  But a person’s perseverance will always bear fruit.

People often asked me why I wanted to climb Mount Everest. I always maintained that I wanted to reinforce my beliefs about whether hard work, honesty, and optimism would help me scale such a height? I found the answer. And as the old classic adage goes, “Ain’t no mountain high enough!”

The journey begins!!


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