Are you aware of International Men’s Day? It is a global event celebrated every year around the world on November 19th. International Men’s Day is a day where issues affecting men and boys (physical, social and mental health) can be addressed. The day is also celebrated as an attempt to remove gender biases and roles, primarily recognise men who have done good for the society.

And while we are discussing contributors to society, we should put a spotlight on how three enterprising men decided to innovate and change the dynamics of the healthcare sector in India and the world. These gentlemen are our homegrown entrepreneurs Abhinav Krishna, Ayush Bharti, and Siddharth Upadhyaya: The Starter, The Maker and The Shaker of OurHealthMate (OHM).

Abhinav (CEO, Co-Founder) – The Starter

In 2013, Abhinav founded OurHealthMate, which is a secure digital platform that connects patients, providers, payers in India.

The journey started in 2012 when Abhinav was living in Singapore. He received a distress call from his mom, and it turned his life upside down. The call was about his dad’s impending heart surgery. The agony of trying to get a second opinion from another cardiac surgeon, the hassle of finding an efficient hospital with well-qualified doctors to endless hours of waiting, the admission procedure seemed like a never-ending nightmare. Add to this, the effort required to manually email all the reports to a surgeon in another country instead of linking up Electronic Medical Records, Abhinav realized too many gaps existed in the current healthcare scene in India.  So, he embarked on the journey to set up a health tech startup that integrated health and wellness management solutions through a technology platform for users.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Ayush Bharti, Chief Technical Officer – The Maker

Six months after OurHealthMate was set up, Ayush Bharti joined as the CTO.  Ayush and Abhinav were known to each other for more than 16 years. They were both recipients of the prestigious Singapore Airlines Scholarship and roommates in a Singapore boarding school. Ayush had an offer of a 6 -digit dollar salary but decided to join OurHealthMate as he believed in the idea and the man behind it.

Ayush, a hardnosed techie has implemented multiple solutions on the digital platform that serves 570,000 users.

Siddharth Upadhyaya, Founding Partner & Chief Strategy Officer- The Shaker

Siddharth’s experience as a customer was overwhelming enough, for him to drop everything and join OurHealthMate. Before this, he was part of a start-up called Hummingbird, in Switzerland. Siddharth had also worked as VP of HomeLane. He was totally sold on the concept and philosophy OHM stood for as he could relate to the inadequate healthcare infrastructure in India. He believed that there is scope for improvement and was keen on setting new benchmarks for the industry to emulate. Siddharth spearheads the enterprise division and is helping corporate giants to work towards improving health benefits for employees.

It is the contribution of these people who made OurHealthMate what it is today. One common mission to bring about change had these three men seeking answers to healthcare challenges. They are all set to take the world by storm. With innovative strategies, they aim to make employees happy and productive.

OHM is a San Francisco based health-tech startup with a digital platform which provides 360-degree health & wellness solutions at workplaces. OHM is evolving the way the employee engagement and benefits work – currently servicing more than 570,000 employees.


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