“Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It’s the best part of the day,” ~ said George Allen, Sr. Indeed, rising with the sun is a practice that has been embraced for its benefits across centuries, cultures and civilizations.

The Upside of Waking Up Early

There’s a tremendous upside to rising early. If you’ve been desperately trying to transform yourself into an early bird, these wondrous benefits should help you make the change a lot easier.

Healthier Eating Habits

If you’re the kind to snooze your alarm until it gives up and snoozes itself, you likely have little time for breakfast in the morning. While it may be a cliché, but breakfast certainly is the most important meal of the day supplying your body with precious fuel. After an empty belly all night long, this meal is potent in breaking your night long fast, preventing your body from going into starvation mode. When you skip your first meal of the day, you’re more likely to binge on your next one, making your body work twice as hard to process unhealthy calories.

Improved Productivity

When you wake up early, you have more hours in the day to get stuff done. Plus, mornings are always more serene and energizing and present fewer distractions. More significantly, studies show that early risers are more proactive than their late-rising counterparts, possibly because waking early promotes sleeping early, in turn, creating a quality sleep cycle. All these factors combined can better decision-making, goal-setting, planning, and productivity, both in the personal and professional spheres. While you may find yourself irritable in the beginning, your body clock will soon adjust to the change.

Better Mental Health

The first hour of your day is a golden hour that sets the stage for the hours that follow. Rising early can allow you to plan your day better, think more clearly and avoid the early morning rush. It serves as an all-natural, super-effective antidote for mental stress and anxiety. Research shows that early risers generally have a better attitude and are more content, while those late to bed are more likely to fall into depression.

Enhanced Sleep

Morning people generally tend to adhere to a disciplined schedule, and hence, follow healthier sleep cycles. By sleeping at the same time every day, you can align your body to a new ‘waking hour’. This can help establish a sleep routine that assures a better quality of sleep.

Personal Time

Early mornings are precious storehouses of quietude. Once the day starts, traffic, meetings and conversations are likely to invade your personal space, leaving little time for thought or introspection.

Spend mornings on the balcony, teacup in hand, or savor your morning commute by leaving a few minutes earlier to avoid peak hour traffic.

There are various ways you can include a little quiet time in the mornings. Find one that works for you. Rising early can transform your life, help you feel more refreshed and change your perspective towards life. Consider spreading your wings and turning into an early bird – it’s a change you’ll thank yourself for in the long run.


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