“The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.”

~Sonya Friedman

Love for self-forms on the foundation of a single, most important relationship and that is to self. Self-love is not just a mood-boosting or self-esteem enhancing advice. It is the only way to fall in love, with yourself and others.

Most of us love to lock ourselves in heavily gated ivory tours. And waste our precious time and energy in fulfilling those unattainable goals. We do this to not just us but also the people around us. In such cases, it becomes easy to neglect our emotions and look down on ourselves. This constant feeling of inadequacy can create havoc on our mental health, by poisoning our relationships, career, and physical self.

Self-love can mean different to different people, but everything boils down to that one thing, and it is to emit positive feeling for yourself, even in the bleakest of the bleak moments. At the time of confusion and self-doubt, sting yourself with the following epiphanies:

Self-Care: One should take at least a few minutes for one’s self and do something just for self. If you think you too busy to see yourself going on a spa spree, then you’re overthinking it. Self- care is not essentially spa time or yoga time. Even a 15 minutes of favorite book with a refreshing cup of tea, can do the trick.

Practicing Mindfulness: Regular practice of mindfulness, i.e., being in the present, and letting one’s thoughts and emotions ventilate without judgment, can recharge your mind and replenish your self- esteem.

Allowing Yourself Forgiveness: Everyone knows it but often forget it. And, that is, “nobody’s perfect” including one ownself. One of the deterrent to self-love is having the feeling of guilt, holding grudges or shame even about something that is done in the past. Finding ways to forgive oneself for the past, present and the future, while improving one’s behavior can increase self-love.

Focusing On Your Self-Talk: If you notice that you’re constantly beating yourself up in your head, then find ways to counteract them with a more loving and compassionate approach. Imagine what will your best friend, or elder/younger self say to you when you are experiencing a difficult situation. Show yourself that there is another side to this conversation.

Developing Long-Term Plans: Since loving yourself is a process, allow yourself to make some achievable goals and plan ways to accomplish this. Such goals keep you motivated and work harder towards reaching those goals. Give yourself credit for being open-minded about where you’re heading.

Relishing Your Alone Time: Many of us hate being alone, or try to save ourselves from getting lost in our thoughts, but what if we use this unwanted habit to our favor. Relaxing your mind and body, and taking a break from a hectic schedule and use that precious time for introspection. If done correctly, without distractions, it will motivate you to continue forward, building up your self-love and become a happier person in life.

Founded in 2013, OurHealthMate (OHM) is a health-tech startup. Their award-winning services are rooted in a three-pronged strategy: Care Planning, Business Intelligence, and Quality Execution. The organisation is a strong advocator of self-care and self-love. It encourages its partners,  employees, and clients to practice self-love regularly and also find ways for those who are struggling.


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