“Get enough sleep and dream big. Wake Up, say a prayer and work on that dream.”

– Leo Mar le Corte

Are you feeling a little disconnected, grumpy and groggy at work? Do you rely on caffeine to stay alert? Then stop and reflect. Maybe it has something to do with your sleep pattern. A 2016 study conducted by RAND Corporation found that sleep deprivation causes economic losses of up to $411 billion a year (or 1.23 million working days) in the U.S and nearly three times less than what Japan loses at $138 billion. A Harvard Report in 2007, reveals that lack of sleep led to reduced efficiency and productivity, increased errors and accidents. When you don’t get enough sleep, it affects your concentration and impacts your ability to work, make decisions, memorize or be productive. Whether answering an exam, making a presentation, or getting married, all you need is a “good night sleep.” To be productive, you should clock 8 hours of sleep.

What happens when you sleep less?

Natural rhythms get disturbed: Poor scheduling, combined with unhealthy attitudes about the need for sleep, can cause significant problems for people who sleep at night. That’s because working at night counters the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Charmane Eastman, Ph.D., a psychologist at Rush University in Chicago says, “circadian clock is essentially a timer that lets various glands know when to release hormones and control mood, alertness, body temperature and other aspects of the body cycle. Our bodies and brains have evolved to relax and cool down after dark and to spring back into action in the following morning.” Hence, Circadian mismanagement leads to mismanagement of the entire body system.

Health hazards: Human body has its routine and those going against this order have various disorders. Less or no sleep leads to stress, sleep apnea, insomnia, and other chronic ailments.

Mental Health: Working at nights also make people susceptible to mental health problems like depression. This may be due to disruption of the circadian system and other social issues that reduce wellbeing and happiness.

Sleep Hacks for Better Rest

Have a sleep routine: A consistent sleep routine allows our bodies to relax and rest both heart and brain. Keep a journal where you can record the time when you feel more tired or awake and refer to it for following a routine sleep cycle.

Use technology for better sleep:  If you are on your phone or computer late into the night, then set an alarm that will alert you when it’s the time to sleep. If you find that you are addicted to your gadgets, then use an app that will shut your phone automatically, for you.

Beware of the blue screen: Blue light that emits from most electronic items are bad for you. It harms melatonin, hormones that help us sleep. So, either reduce screen time or use gadgets/apps that reduce the blue light emission.

Make sure that your sleeping area is “sleep friendly” – Keep your bedroom cool and dark. Use dark curtains or eye mask (if needed). Use high-quality, supportive mattress and comfortable pillows. Most importantly, keep your bedroom clean and free from clutter.

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