Holi, the festival of colours, every year brings immense joy to our hearts. Each vibrant colour used in this festival signifies different human emotions as well as different personality traits that make us unique. This festival celebrates diversity in people.

Each year, it is celebrated on the last full moon of the year. So, in another sense, it is a festival of leaving behind the old, and, starting with new and better prospects of a happy life.

The way everyone comes together on the occasion of Holi, keeping aside their differences, celebrating the oneness; similarly, we, at OurHealthMate, each year celebrate all the festivals originating from diverse cultures to send our message of unity out loud to the world.

This year we, at OurHealthMate, celebrated Holi with full enthusiasm and made sure no one was left untouched by the hues of the organic colours made from flowers and herbs. We are one big family that represents unity in diversity. Celebrating different cultures under a roof adds to our happy and sweet memories that will always stay engraved in our hearts.



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