“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

– Wendell Berry

When we think about Earth, there are so many things that come to our minds including beautiful sunrises and sunsets, various flora and fauna, turquoise sea, the scent of fresh air on the beach, sounds of waves touching the shore, the fragrance of pine woods in the jungle, the peaceful sprinkles of snowflakes, the sound of rain dripping down from the sky, the earthly smells after the rain, the sound of crickets at night, the sight of fireflies, natural light of the moon, the feeling of our feet touching the dewy grass (earthing) etc. Honestly, this list can go on and on because we feel so blessed being inhabitants of the planet Earth that we appreciate almost everything that was given to us without being asked.

Now, close your eyes and imagine an alien planet like one inspired by a Sci-Fi movie, where there are no trees, no atmosphere, and miles and miles of barren land with not even a single drop of water and loads of poisonous gases hovering in the air. Now imagine, suddenly Earth turns into this planet, what would you do?

I guess there is nothing you can do now that all is lost. You must be thinking that why are we making you imagine our beautiful Earth turn into a horrific piece of land. So, let’s drop the truth bomb now.

With resources depleting at an exponential rate, industrialisation acquiring all the green lands, and the pollution of billions of vehicles depleting our atmosphere, soon this horrific imagination would turn into a living embodiment. Then all you would be able to do is regret about all the things you could have done better to save this planet.

So, this Mother Earth Day, let’s take a step towards a greener initiative, elongating the life of this beautiful and nurturing planet. We have already taken a lot from Mother Earth; it’s time to pay her back with environment-friendly initiatives and spreading the same across the world.

A Greener Initiative

See, we all are well acquainted with the fact that we single-handedly cannot turn things around, but as they say, every drop makes an ocean. Similarly, all our combined efforts can do wonders for our Mother Earth.

  1. Reduce Food Waste: Landfills are getting filled up everywhere with loads and loads of waste which in turn produces a harmful greenhouse gas called methane. As waste will increase, we will need more and more land. Moreover, methane, if emitted into the atmosphere in large quantities, can deplete the level of oxygen. So, the amount of food waste should be reduced as much as possible.
  2. Plant More Trees: This is something that doesn’t need explanation. We all understand the benefits of afforestation. So, like a responsible human being on this planet, we all should plant more and more trees, whenever possible.
  3. Limit the Use of Plastic: Plastic is a more significant concern than people ever consider it to be. We can find used plastics littered on tourists sites, polluting the rivers and oceans, and eventually clogging landfills. Animals like turtles often get trapped in floating pieces of plastic. It is not only a threat to marine life but is also harmful to other species.
  4. Save Water: Using water wisely can help us reduce the diversion of river water to our household, hence giving earth time to replenish its resources. Small steps like turning off a dripping tap or reutilising waste water from water purifiers for household chores can help us save a lot of water and preserve the resource for future generations.
  5. Join Carpool or Public Transportation: One must prefer eco-friendly options for commuting like carpooling or using public transportation as and when possible. This will help us reduce our carbon footprint.

At last, we would like to say that make sure you reduce, reuse, and recycle as well as educate and volunteer yourself in an initiative towards a better and greener earth.


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