Your office desk is your work chamber and personal retreat rolled into one, so it makes sense to have it dressed to the nines. If you’re wondering where to start, let this list of desk must-haves show you the way.

1. A Plant

A plant can be the perfect pick-me-up for a long, tiring day. Not only can it serve as a stunning display at your desk, but it can also enhance the quality of air around you. However, why stop at that? If you have a large enough cubicle, display a small plant on the floor in a corner, or place one on a shared cupboard or another piece of furniture near your desk. Pick colourful pots and planters to infuse cheer and whimsy into your workspace. In India, Aloe Vera, English ivy, Areca Palm, Spider Plants and Indian Basil make for great indoor plants.

2. Nibbles

If your tummy is constantly growling while you’re at work, a few handy snacks can give you just the boost you need. Pocket-sized nibbles can provide little bursts of energy, enhancing concentration and maintaining blood sugar levels. Some healthy options include veggie sticks and dip, energy bars, flavoured yoghurt, fresh fruit, seeds and nuts.

3. Water

Don’t let dehydration suck the life out of you. Invest in a pretty bottle that can double as a showpiece on your desk, and have water within arm’s reach whenever you need it. After all, when the going gets tough, water gets you going (afternoon slump, here’s looking at you).

4. A Lamp

A dazzling lamp can cast a golden circle of light over your desk, lending to a warm, welcoming vibe. Enhanced lighting can aid the eyes, harmonise the mind and subliminally spur better productivity.

5. Headphones

It’s unlikely that your typical weekday features a background score. Music can stimulate the senses, mask distractions, lend inspiration and perk you up when you’re low. A pair of great headphones can be your pass to musical nirvana. Stash them into your desk drawer for an anytime music fix. Remember, when it comes to workplace playlists, opt for instrumental covers. Lyrics can divert the mind.

It doesn’t take much to give your desk a facelift. With these five golden items, you can transform yours into an invigorating workplace haven.


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