Mother’s Day is celebrated to honour mother, motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. We salute to the selfless love and care, a mother offers to her kids. This Mother’s Day, we are sharing a few real stories on motherhood. Let’s read what Ravneet, Manager – Content & Marketing – OurHealthMate, has to share and why she believes in the saying ‘Motherhood is a blessing.’

Motherhood is a blessing. You might have heard of this quote plenty of times before. But, you can feel this to be true when you experience the motherhood actually.

From sleepless nights to spit-ups to smelly diapers, often being a mother is an exhaustive job. You don’t get time for yourself. Messy hairs and messy home can leave you frustrating. But, a cute smile on your baby’s face can be as refreshing as good full night sleep. It can make you forget all the things. Whether you had a hard day at the office or anything is weighing on your mind, spending some time with your little ones can make you forget all the things and bring positivity in your life.

My first ultrasound, when I heard my baby’s heartbeat first time, is an indelible moment for me. I felt that during the period of pregnancy that motherly thing was also growing in me along with the developing fetus. Though those nine months were not easy, I relished the entire journey.

From crawling to taking the first step, gurgling and cooing to clearly saying “muma” and “papa”, every moment is very special. All these are priceless memories that I would love to relive. This is why I try to capture all such adorable moments, and I am sure most of the moms would be doing the same.

Becoming a mother is more than a privilege. I can’t thank god enough for bestowing such a beautiful blessing upon me. My little bundle of joy is now 3.2 years old, and it seems like it happened yesterday only. Time flies, especially when you have little ones around. Life with an infant is not easy; however, watching them grow every day is a wonderful experience.

Whether you are working or a homemaker, other than motherhood there are numerous responsibilities that a woman looks after. In between these daily chores, we often take our eyes off this blessing and complain about the chaos around. Whenever you feel that way, just sit down for a few seconds and observe your baby quietly. The adorable expressions, smile and talks of your kid will definitely make you feel so blessed.

You will feel and say it from your heart that “Yes, Motherhood is a Blessing!”



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