Sneha Sashidharan believes Motherhood is a unique experience that brings about a lot of changes in a woman; she is no longer the centre of her universe and relinquishes that position to her baby. She believes that Motherhood is that one thing that completes a woman.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into her journey of Motherhood in her own words.

Motherhood caught me by surprise eleven years back when I was blessed with a baby boy and, since then my life has been revolving around that bundle of joy. Every time I think about the day I got to know I was pregnant, it still gives me jitters in my tummy. People say that the real journey of Motherhood begins the day you get to know you are about to bring a wonderful life to being but for me the notion of being a mother didn’t hit me until I held my baby for the first time. The moment I first looked into my baby’s eye, I knew I would do anything and go beyond any limits for this little miracle that I was blessed with. The rush of motherly hormones just gave me a new sense of purpose. I knew that now, everything will start from him and end with him. I sometimes wonder, how a kid who was not there in the first place, suddenly takes over and starts governing all aspects of your life.

Though I didn’t know what to expect, I was excited. I always had this unique fascination towards little kids, and maybe this is the sole reason I couldn’t keep my feet on the ground.

Moreover, all my life I had observed my Mom & Dad, they have been an integral part of our personal growth, Mom was always there for us, no matter what. Although, she was a successful career woman but little did that affect our childhood. Their influence on my life had such a great impact that I wanted to carry on their legacy and instil my kid with the same principal and values.

And, I need to admit this, I never realized how much my Mother had done for me her entire life until I got into her shoes.

And, over the years, what I have observed is, being a Mother is a blessing but can be confusing at times and especially when your kid is growing up. He is in his pre-teens, now, he is more vocal about his likes and dislikes, gets super-excited with super-hero stuff, gets super-sad when things are not going his way. Basically, I sometimes have a hard time understanding him. I am always scared whether my parenting style is right or not, or am I being a good Mother or not? There are numerous questions that give me sleepless nights. Listening to the knowledge he has gathered about his favourite topics gives me goosebumps. Supposedly, kids have the power to turn your world upside down, but at the same time, the immense pleasure you feel when they achieve something is beyond words.

Motherhood is an unparalleled experience that can be scary too but the rush of feel-good hormones when you see your child is one of the most amazing everyday moments. My kid is my priority, and my life will always be centred around his needs and wants. I want to dedicate every moment of my life to him!  Motherhood is a learning experience for me too, and I always thrive to become better at this.


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