“Being a mother is learning about strengths, you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.”       – Linda Wooten

As part of our Mother’s Day celebrations, we present to you our third featured story of the week that will give you a deep insight of a Mother’s journey to Motherhood.

Megha Rajguru is blessed to be a Mother of two beautiful twin boys and she thinks parents don’t choose kids, rather kids choose their parents and honour them with their presence.

Without any further adieu, let’s read more about her encounter with Motherhood in her own words.

I was expecting the news the month I came to know I had conceived, as I could feel the pre-symptoms (obviously had not shared it with anyone) but somewhere deep down had a slight hint. Within a week I got the biggest news that I had conceived TWINS, and that was the time when I was super excited and started laughing my heart out at the hospital. From first heart beat to the first word it was all a journey to remember.

Considering my journey of motherhood, I think a Mother is the first teacher of a child. Motherhood makes you a better women and teaches you to be more composed in yourself. But, interestingly, it’s a lot different with twins as you have to handle two bundle of joys together making sure the other does not feel left out. Honestly, Aarit & Aarin (my twins) got the best out of me, they helped me figure out my hidden capabilities that I never knew existed.

My twins also helped me figure out the fact that all Mothers have an instinctive ability to be sensitive with their children. Mothers can read the signs better, right from the time her baby is born. And there is a strong emotional connection between a mother and a child that a dad cannot simply emulate. As mothers, we need to keep our eyes open and observe our children for any emotional, physical or behavioral changes.

Moreover, once you are married, the idea of motherhood is always exciting but it has its own ups and downs which we as kids don’t understand when explained by our parents. It teaches us more about ourselves than anyone else can. I am always connected to Aarit & Aarin no matter, with them or away from them. Mother is an emotional anchor, an educator, a secure look back, a disciplinarian, a confidence booster.  And, I personally feel, Motherhood is all about teaching the best values to your kids, so that they turn into a good individual and that’s all that I look forward for Aarit & Aarin. Though, life is more than difficult with twins but watching them grow is a blessing that I would not have ever imagined being a part of!


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