K. Nalini is happily blessed with two boys and thinks that Motherhood is a blessing that completely transforms the life of a woman in ways beyond description. And, no happiness in the world can surpass the level of joy a woman experiences with her kids.

Now, let’s read about her encounter with Motherhood in her own beautiful words.

I still remember the day I was blessed with my baby boy, I was twenty two years old and that is when motherhood caught me off-guard. Though, all I can remember is the hardship, sleepless nights, and all the struggle a new mother has to go through, honestly, looking at your baby’s smiling face just takes away all the tiredness and stress that a mother may have accumulated over the day.

Even during my pregnancy, it was not a very pleasant experience for me but in the fifth month when I started to feel the movements of my baby, I could feel this immense wave of  joy within my body. And, that was the time, I knew this whole experience was worth the trials and tribulations a mother has to go through during the pregnancy phase.

I think Motherhood is simply amazing. It is looking into your baby’s eyes and seeing nothing but love. And, the second time I got pregnant, I simply rejoiced every moment I could.  I was very much in love with my second one the way he was crawling, putting the small steps to walk, when he started saying “Amma”, every moment was very special.

Watching your kids evolve and grow into tiny people, their own unique personalities is such a wonderful experience. Literally, every memory that I have made with my little ones till now seem like a blessing to me. And, I personally feel, becoming a mother is a great privilege. I am very thankful to God for bestowing this blessings upon me. My little ones have grown up to be 16 years old and 11 years old respectively. Time flies, it just feels like yesterday when my kids were infants.

And, I think no matter whether a woman is a homemaker, or a working woman, it is solely her responsibility to give her kids the best upbringing she can, moreover, everybody’s journey is different. Motherhood is a unique experience for all mothers, so there is no comparison at all. Every mother is unique and powerful in her own way!


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