“ Of all the things my hands have ever held, the best by far is you”  

As part of our Mother’s Day celebrations, we present to you our fifth featured story of the week that will give you a deep insight of a Mother’s journey to Motherhood.

Nalini R believes having children puts the whole world into perspective, everything else just disappears. And, she also believes that the moment the child is born, the Mother is born too.

So, without further adieu, let’s take a deep dive into her journey of being a Mother, in her own beautiful words.

Though this may not have happened right away, I waited for almost three years to experience this tender emotion. But, as soon as I got to know I was pregnant, I literally began to fall in love with the little person growing inside of me. It was love at the first instance! Sometimes, I wonder how crazy it is to fall in love with just the idea of being a mother or having your baby in your arms after nine long awaited months.

Every single moment, from the first ultrasound to the very instance where the baby is born, is an experience of a lifetime. Recalling those moments, I remember, I used to dream and wonder how my little angel would look in person and all the adorable things she would do. Honestly, I never knew the whole pregnancy phase would be so worth in the end, I never knew that I could love anyone so much in the world like I love and adore her. I think there are many things a woman recognizes about her, post-delivery, that she never knew existed at the first place. I simply love my baby girl to the moon and back.

Although my pregnancy wasn’t an easy one, I eagerly waited for 10 months for my little love to come out from my womb. Moreover, due to certain complications, the doctor simply said he could just save either of the two. I was so in love with the baby inside of me that I still remember requesting the doctor to save my little one, instead of me. But, with God’s grace, me and baby, both came out of the operation theatre, safe and sound. This whole last-minute operation-thing was straight hell, but seeing my little angel’s face for the first time, I experienced heaven on Earth.

I have learned so many things after being a Mother like how to fight back in critical moments, how to take care of my little one without anyone by my side, but most of all, how to stay happy with just her presence in my life. Kids just become the center of your universe and then nothing matters at all.

Going down the memory lane, I remember all the moments like how my baby use to get angry when I gave importance to someone else, the way she enjoyed music with me, watching serials and her descriptive summaries of tv-series, discussing that with her grandma and arguing with her about the next series, all these moments are simply unforgettable.    

I think, my pregnancy has changed me for the better, my kid has given me another chance on life and now, I make sure I thoroughly enjoy every moment of it.


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