While dogs are considered the most loyal creatures on this planet, cats definitely hold the crown for being the sassiest ones! They live by one rule i.e Be Your Own Reason of Happiness. So, clearly there is a lot of wisdom cats have to offer!

So, on International Cat Day, let’s learn some everyday wellness tips from our feline friends. 

It’s Now Or Never

Cat’s surely believe in the power of now! They don’t dwell on the past or worry about the    future, they just live in the now because at the end that is what matters the most. 

So, stop being troubled by the past and preoccupied by the future, all you need is a Cattitude to get over the daily stress of your life. All you need to do is to live in the present and awaken your inner cat spirit to experience all the abundance in life!

Nap Several Times A Day Keeps The Doctor Away 

You must have encountered Cats taking their famous CAT-NAPS anywhere and everywhere, literally. They don’t give a damn about what time of day it is, all they need to take is a beauty sleep. 

So, why not learn this trait from “Wisdom-Cat-Guru”, and take some time from our from our hard-pressed schedules to take a de-stressing nap. 

Always Look Paw-Licking Good

Cat’s have a simple principle about self-grooming, and i.e repeatedly groom yourself throughout the course of the day. 

Honestly, if you apply the same principle in your life, it will not only help you attract more people but will make you feel more confident about yourself. So, what are you waiting for, put on our Cat-Cap and star licking your fur, and groom yourself because looks do matter. 

 Shower All Your Love To Yourself 

Cats always love themselves more than they do their hooman because they understand that self love comes from within. Instead of looking for love in all the wrong places, love yourself, pamper yourself to the utmost. 

Act Like You Are Royalty

Every Cat owner knows that cats are to be treated like Purrrmaid because they are royalty and they are hard-core attention seekers. They love all the attention and love, they don’t like when their hoomans get another pet at home or pet some other cat. They need their hoomans to their self. 

This is something we should learn from our little Purrrmaids! We should all treat ourselves as royalty and should not stay in relationships that don’t serve us. Because we all deserve love!

Ignorance Is Bliss

Cats have a simple policy of ignoring things they don’t like. Humans on the other hand, are always stressing about things that they either don’t like or can’t control. 

So, this International Cat Day, let’s follow a simple principle of “Ignorance is Bliss.”

A Little Curiosity Every Now and Then Hurts Nobody

Cats have an overactive curious spirit and that is the reason you will sometimes find them in trouble too. But, that doesn’t stop them from experiencing what the world has to offer.

So, why not be like a cat and be curious about the little things in life.

Cats have a lot more wisdom to offer than what we have shared here! But, on this occasion of International Cat Day, let your spirit animal get the best of you! Get in tune with your cattitude to feel like a Purrrmaid.


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