“Why are people afraid of getting older? You feel wiser. You feel more mature. You feel like you know yourself better. You would trade that for softer skin? Not me!” – Anna Kournikova, professional tennis player.

Think that golden years aren’t golden? Think Again!
A positive approach towards life can make the second half of life grand. Owning your character is a mark of maturity and as you age and learn to value your time, you realize that worrying about other peoples’ validation is, with very few exceptions, worthless. 

Your true validation comes from within.

So, on this Senior Citizens Day, let’s talk about the 30 best shades of getting older that will be worth happening to you:

  1. Fewer major life decisions to make.
  2. Only two words – Senior Discounts!
  3. Everytime is a nap time!
  4. Retirement, I guess…
  5. More stable friendships.
  6. You are blessed with the most important asset in life – EXPERIENCE.
  7. People open doors for you.
  8. You can be lazy and not get scolded for it.
  9. GRANDKIDS… You can have a splendid time with them.
  10. You appreciate your marriage more.
  11. People are friendlier when you have gray hair.
  12. You can use your age as an excuse to get out of things.
  13. You have a better sense of humour.
  14. To stop having to keep up with the technology.
  15. You have more time to do the things you want to do, not the things you have to do.
  16. Your love for your family gets stronger.
  17. You can say NO when you want to.
  18. Dressing for comfort, first and foremost!
  19. You stop caring what others think.
  20. You have an abundance of knowledge to pass on.
  21. The older you get, the happier you are still young.
  22. Your views get brighter, although the ability of seeing gets worse.
  23. You become more self-confident.
  24. People don’t question your sayings.
  25. You can go to long holidays without worrying about your work commitments.
  26. You can smile more beautifully.
  27. Intuition plays a great role in your life now and you also act accordingly.
  28. Everything is getting more simple.
  29. You utilize your memories.
  30. You have bigger baggage of life stories –  Nothing Beats High Age!


So the next time you start getting the blues over “getting old,” stop and realize just how much fun it is! Don’t look back, look forward!
And most importantly, embrace your sense of humor!


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