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Save Big to Win Big

#TheFinancialWellnessSeries The research report by the Boston Consulting Group, titled The New Indian: The Many Facets of a Changing Consumer, Indian consumption expenditures are expected to grow threefold in the next few years, reaching a staggering $4 trillion by 2025. Yet, despite being a forecast of surging affluence, how much are we really saving is the moot point? According to the universal 50/30/20 principle, one should channel 50% of one’s income towards necessities, 30% towards miscellaneous spends and 20% towards savings. Intelligent savings can be a one-way ticket to annual holidays, wistful indulgences and comfortable retirement. If you aren’t...

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FOMO Messing With Our Mental Health: How to Get Rid of It?

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out We live in a world that is continuously changing, and stress is the product of this change. And it is a human tendency to always be up to the date of what is happening around us. “Fear Of Missing Out” or FOMO is a slang that is often used in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but it’s real life effects on human health is adverse. FOMO in this sense is an increased, and pervasive anxiety/apprehension of missing out on social events or experiences that are others are perceived to be having. FOMO has grown...

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Celebrating Organizational Health This World Health Day Organizational health has long been a buzzword in corporate circles. And yet, despite having occupied a prime position in many an organizational stratagem, the term remains shrouded in mystery. Traditionally, organizational health has referred to a variety of dimensions pivoting on management practices, business strengths and weaknesses, and strategic clarity. The trouble is, so far, the concept has not been a true champion of its cause, having hitherto cast a spotlight solely on market dynamics and internal managerial heft. That raises the question, where, in this giant scheme, is organizational ‘health’? A...

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