Author: Rashmi Bharti


#WORLDENVIRONMENTDAY2019 “The environment and the economy are really both sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment, we cannot sustain ourselves.” – Wangari Maathai World Environment Day is celebrated each year on the fifth of June with a hope to bring issues to light and empowering activities for the protection of the environment. As the UN says, “ this day provides an opportunity to broaden the basis for an enlightened opinion and responsible conduct by individuals, enterprises and communities in preserving and enhancing the environment.” And, on this special day, we at OurHealthMate, took some time...

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Holi, the festival of colours, every year brings immense joy to our hearts. Each vibrant colour used in this festival signifies different human emotions as well as different personality traits that make us unique. This festival celebrates diversity in people. Each year, it is celebrated on the last full moon of the year. So, in another sense, it is a festival of leaving behind the old, and, starting with new and better prospects of a happy life. The way everyone comes together on the occasion of Holi, keeping aside their differences, celebrating the oneness; similarly, we, at OurHealthMate, each...

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Embracing Disabilities : In the Workplace and Beyond

‘Disability’ has traditionally been a word shrouded in perceived challenges. Throughout history, people with disabilities have been cloistered by a labor market ecosystem of limited opportunities. Misconceptions have led to marginalization, which in turn, has meant restrictive, insufficient inclusion at workplace even today. Often the discrimination is more pronounced than the disability itself. Over the past few decades, there has been a global shift towards a more inclusive disability paradigm, echoing the belief that people with disabilities are a result of the way organizations hire and operate besides attitudinal factors. When it comes to inclusion at the workplace, transformation...

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Sensitive Men: Looking Beyond Gender Stereotyping

“Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It’s time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum not as to opposing sets of ideals.” – Emma Watson International Men’s Day really? Do we need such a celebration? The fundamental question is – if we can observe International Women’s Day, Children’s Day then why not recognize the contribution made by men? The first announcement of this day was initiated by Thomas Oaster in 1992. This day assumes significance given that some men have an overarching influence on our lives. They may be leaders, family or colleagues. Often, they become role models and have an impact on our personalities. At OHM we look at this day, to raise awareness about health and well-being of men. Is there a need for International Men’s Day? This may come as a surprise for some, but most of us know that men’s health is as critical as women’s. But the reality is that behind the macho façade, men need as much care and nurturing like the rest of us. Every man plays multiple roles such as caring father, loving husband, adorable brother, happy boyfriends. Most importantly, they are sensitive human beings though they may not wear their emotions on their sleeves. Men are from Mars and Women from Venus is history Indian...

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5 Hallmarks of a Happy Workplace

Happiness and health are like two sides of a circle; inherently linked yet decidedly independent. As millennial work environments move from erstwhile work-like-a-dog-until-you-collapse establishments to setups deep-seated in wellness and wellbeing, it is apparent that there’s more to corporate contentment than sky-high salaries and princely promotions. But how much does happiness really matter to the success of a business, you may wonder. More than you think. Happy employees tend to have a more favorable disposition. They are also invaluable fountains of innovation, creativity, productivity, and dedication. And as a bonus, they are likely to stay with you long-term. It...

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