Author: Rashmi Bharti

Sensitive Men: Looking Beyond Gender Stereotyping

“Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It’s time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum not as to opposing sets of ideals.” – Emma Watson International Men’s Day really? Do we need such a celebration? The fundamental question is – if we can observe International Women’s Day, Children’s Day then why not recognize the contribution made by men? The first announcement of this day was initiated by Thomas Oaster in 1992. This day assumes significance given that some men have an overarching influence on...

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5 Hallmarks of a Happy Workplace

Happiness and health are like two sides of a circle; inherently linked yet decidedly independent. As millennial work environments move from erstwhile work-like-a-dog-until-you-collapse establishments to setups deep-seated in wellness and wellbeing, it is apparent that there’s more to corporate contentment than sky-high salaries and princely promotions. But how much does happiness really matter to the success of a business, you may wonder. More than you think. Happy employees tend to have a more favorable disposition. They are also invaluable fountains of innovation, creativity, productivity, and dedication. And as a bonus, they are likely to stay with you long-term. It...

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A Safer Workplace: Prevention before Penalisation

Ideally, a safe and gender-neutral workspace is an intimate and safe gathering of people (from various walks of life) in a creative and liberal space, where people can openly discuss and express their ideas without being objectified, discriminated or penalized. This should not just be limited to office space but also outside of it, like – work trips, workstations, client-based meetings, etc. Why is it essential to have a gender sensitive and safe workspace? The societal vision of gender is continuously changing. The traditional male and female identities and roles are now being debated and re-defined. In the current...

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