Author: Ravneet Kaur

Preventive Healthcare

“Practice it calmly before the storm of a major health issue strikes you hard.” You have a cold, but your habit of waiting until something aggravates stops you from visiting your GP (General Practitioner). Soon the ailment goes beyond limits of easy and inexpensive treatments. This is when realization strikes that gargling and popping in common medication, or even trying traditional methods adopted by our Indian grannies, would have worked wonders. They could have prevented you from visiting multiple specialists and clinics, undergoing a number of tests and using prolonged medication. In short, it boils down to practicing preventive...

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A Brief Primer on Personalized and Guided Preventive Healthcare

Key benefits of subscribing to thoroughly guided preventive healthcare services for corporates/individuals  Preventive healthcare, despite being talked so less of, is one of the most crucial elements that can help you ace your work life. Taking care of health issues right at the start helps nip a lot of problems at the bud. Many, however, fail to effectively manage their time and routine health checkups. This is where personalized, guided healthcare solutions fit in. Going through tight, packed work routines, you understandably forget to schedule the ever-so-crucial appointment with your doctor. You can sense a slight uneasiness in your...

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