Author: Siddharth Upadhyaya

Balancing Career and Kids; Secrets You Should Know

As a working momma, it can be easy to feel burdened by the demands of a career and of parenthood. While it can seem like there’s never enough time to get all the work you’d like done, with a few secrets, you can master the art of keeping your boss and your baby happy. Make Your Mornings Zen: It is important to decompress in the mornings and take time for yourself to clear your mind and do some soul-searching. If possible, plan your day the night before and use the morning to reflect on your activities for the day in...

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Caring for Parents This World Health Day With expatriate postings, borderless teams and virtual collaborations becoming the norm, more and more Indians are exploring opportunities in other cities and countries. New experiences, new cultures and new communities are being embraced more than ever before, but the migratory wave that has presented itself has an indelible link to familial ties. Unlike earlier times, children moving to other parts of India or overseas now means that many elderly parents are left on their own, with little or no access to superlative healthcare. A Look at Healthcare for the Elderly By and...

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With urban workplaces becoming smarter, it is no surprise that a lot of pre-defined concepts and practices are being newly evaluated. One key practice that is being drastically reworked is the established healthcare practices that were so far being offered to employees. Most offices provide corporate healthcare coverages that provide medical expense benefits in case of hospitalisation or any such serious incident. However, of late, preventive healthcare is increasingly accounting for being a key job benefit, providing employees with much more tangible benefits when it comes to the sector of healthcare. With preventive healthcare provided by the likes of...

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Here’s how your organization can gain by investing in Preventive Healthcare Plans

It may seem understated, but employee healthcare benefits are key to sound organizational structures in companies. Healthcare is often held as a peripheral facet of payrolls, with most individuals and even companies typically focusing on tangible perks. However, the paradigm is gradually shifting towards the other end of the tide. The key to this shift can be studied in various factors, and healthcare happens to be one of the crucial elements here. Preventive healthcare services are relatively new in terms of mass adoption. Healthcare services have typically been treated as post-event needs, one which comes into effect only after...

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Here’s why a leading corporate chose healthcare as the festive season gift for employees

Healthcare has always been looked upon as a packaged benefit for employees, one that is included in salaries, and shall be called upon if emergencies arise. However, with the increasingly mobile nature of our work, a large section of the global workforce staying away from their families and more stress in terms of the work itself, it is unsurprising that healthcare often turns into a bit of a burden to handle, for many. Taking care of fundamental needs is now being gradually seen as a greater tangible benefit. It is exactly this that one of India’s newer firms in...

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