Author: Siddharth Upadhyaya

Employee Satisfaction and Retention – Preventive Healthcare Services is the next big metric

With rising healthcare costs and increasingly busy lifestyles, the preventive healthcare services provide the most amount of comfort to a person. We have always spoken of preventive healthcare services in terms of personal benefits, and how it spells boon for the individual. But, this particular line of service also spells great benefit for companies, particularly when you look at the bigger picture. Medical benefits and advantages are increasingly becoming a part of pay packages, and this move is being regularised by companies globally to increase employee retention and joining rates. Medical expenditure is an inevitable yet costly part of...

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How Companies are relying on Preventive Health Care to relieve their employees of healthcare stress

The latest human resource efforts point at a trend where companies are increasingly providing healthcare solutions as part of regular employee benefits. When one talks about employee benefits, the thoughts often lead to monetary bonuses, holiday and entertainment packages, or even lucrative gifts in kind. However, a recent trend in the world of human resource strategies and employee benefits point at preventive healthcare policies being the latest entrant to employee benefit programs worldwide Healthcare policies have been a part of companies for years now, but they have mostly been constrained to medical insurance packages as part of the payroll, or based around healthcare camps and packages that would be initiated once in a year. These trends are being revised gradually, and have been leading to benefits like a preventive healthcare policy, where employees get a personalized strategy, along with someone to assist and maintain a healthcare calendar for regularising checkups. With this, the employees themselves do not need to be concerned about healthcare strategies and scheduling checkups any longer. With the companies getting preventive healthcare on contract, employees get the benefit of having an assisted system, which would remind them regularly about their health status, ease the process of checkups by recommending the right doctor for the right cause, find the nearest hospital or clinic and fix appointments automatically based on a person’s work calendar, and simplify the overall...

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Bounce back after a difficult week

It’s no surprise that you are feeling exhausted on a rare Sunday lull, despite having not done much. The last week burnt you out a bit too heavily, and you are left feeling completely disinterested in going back to work on the following day. The root cause of this is the difficult week that preceded. With rising work stress, workplace performance intensity often reaches peak levels that bring out the very best (and sometimes, worst) in people. Putting in added efforts and working hours do have benefits of establishing your name in office, but they burn you out to...

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